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4 tips to being a successful Actor


These are the EXACT steps I use to teach Actors (from all over the world) how to bridge the gap between process and performance.

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by Katherine Beck in American accent tips

Let’s face it. Being an Actor isn’t easy. It’s much harder to get work in this profession than it is in other professions. You may have the qualifications. You’ve studied, you have your headshots, your showreel, your Agent and maybe even some industry connections but you still find it difficult to gain consistent work as an Actor. Now let’s layer in the fact that you are a Non-US Actor who wants to break into the US market. That dream can sometimes seem next to impossible but guess what? It’s not impossible.

Let’s start by changing our pattern of behaviour.

Let’s put an end to feeling down and sitting around, doing nothing while you wait for the next audition to come your way.

Let’s stop cramming in some American accent training the night before a big audition because you haven’t even thought twice about your American accent lately.

What can you be doing everyday to make sure you are ready to book your next US audition?

I can think of 4 things right off the bat that will help you feel more confident and ready to go so you can book that next role.

1. Wake up early (like 5 or 6am)

Now if you aren’t a morning person this can be tough but even if you wake up a little bit earlier than usual you can still benefit from this. Giving yourself some time to set up yourself for the day, to set your intentions and goals can help you to become more productive. Use this quiet time before others in your household wake up or the text messages start beeping away on your phone. Be selfish and do what you need to do to be more productive and more successful as an Actor. Maybe this will be your time to practice your American accent. Maybe it will be your time to find some new scenes to practice. Set your alarm a little extra early tomorrow. Make an effort to wake up, set your goals and start being proactive.

2. Write down your goals 

Write – Remember – Achieve

When you write down your goal you have a much better chance of actually remembering your goal and if you remember your goal you will start to take steps to achieving that goal. So everyday (when you wake up a little extra early) take a moment to write down a goal for the day and maybe even for the week. Start writing so you can start achieving.

3. Read often

There’s a few reasons why you should be reading often. The first reason is we should never stop learning about our craft. There are so many inspiring teachers out there from Stanislavsky to Anthony Meindl. Read their books, learn from their words and take little nuggets of goodness that resonates with you.

The next reason you should be reading is to keep up to date with what’s happening in the business. Keep up to date on deadline.com, Hollywood Reporter, Variety and even backstage.com. You need to know what’s in pre-production, who’s casting, etc. Get familiar with important names in the business. Having this knowledge could be helpful someday.

Lastly, you should be cold reading in the American accent at least 5-10 minutes a day. This will help build up your confidence performing and speaking in the accent. If you can get into the habit of cold reading each day you will find it less daunting to perform in the American accent which will make it easier to audition with the accent later on.

4. Practice Daily

My last bit of advice is to practice daily. We know we need to practice but when was the last time you ACTUALLY practiced your American accent? Are you really ready if your agent submits you for a US role tomorrow? Stop waiting until it’s too late and start doing something so you feel confident and ready to go! Now don’t stress if you feel like you don’t have time to practice. Even if you practice for 5 minutes on a busy day it’s still better than nothing. I guarantee you can find at least 5 minutes in a day to practice so there really is no excuse not to practice. And since you’re going to start waking up a little bit early maybe you can get your practice accomplished first thing in the morning, followed by a little reading and writing down your goals!

So let’s stop waiting for things to happen that never happen. Let’s start being proactive and making positive changes to becoming a successful, working Actor. Tomorrow is a new day. Set your alarm a little extra early and go after your dream.

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These are the EXACT steps I use to teach Actors (from all over the world) how to bridge the gap between process and performance.

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