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The 5 Best Investments for your Acting Career


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by Katherine Beck in American accent tips

Acting is one of the best careers around but it’s hard to make it a full time career. If you want to be one of the few lucky ones who call Acting their full time profession than you have to be ready to invest in your career and that means investing in yourself. To me, there’s 5 major investments you need to continuously keep on track to be ready for those Acting opportunities.

5. Headshots

It’s not good enough to have an ‘ok’ headshot. Invest in a skilled headshot photographer with whom you have good chemistry with so you can be yourself, feel comfortable and let the camera in to see your strengths and your vulnerability. Your headshot gives us a glimpse of who you are as a person. Also, remember to update your photo. The casting director doesn’t want to be surprised when you walk into the room. The want to see you as you are now. Not you as you were ten years ago.

4. Showreel

Your showreel should display your skills as an Actor. You should have one general showreel that shows off your best work and what you have to offer but also consider having segmented showreels. For example, if you are drawn to comedy and feel you are more of a comedic Actor perhaps you compile a separate comedic showreel. Show us why we should bring you into the room or why we should book you. 

3. Body

Taking good care of yourself is essential to your career. Your body needs to be ready for the demanding hours on-set. Focusing on your body can also expand your opportunities to work in films that require more physicality too. Your body is part of your Actor instrument and helps you to create the character so make sure you are taking classes on movement for the Actor and continuing to practice this skill on a regular basis.

4. Voice

One of the biggest investments you can make as an Actor is working on your voice. You vocal instrument can help you to expand your character creation and expand your ability for work. These days all Actors really need to also have an American accent in their Actor’s toolkit too. If you invest in your voice you open yourself up to more opportunities in the US Acting industry which could lead to better paying jobs and the potential of making Acting your full time career.

5. Mind

Your mind is a powerful thing and we need to continuously work our Actor brain so it stays sharp and ready to go. Invest in a good on-going acting class or a work out group. Test your mind with challenging scripts and characters.

So those are my top 5 investments for your acting career. Every investment will lead you one step closer to your dream. The dream takes work but it is so worth it if you can work every day in your dream job!

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