Corporate Voice Coaching

 Be Confident.    Be Vocal.     Be Successful.  

Learn how to feel confident speaking in front of your peers by creating an awareness of your vocal and physical self.

Corporate Voice Coaching is helpful for all areas of the workplace whether it be a presentation, boardroom meeting, pitches,  job interview or a skype/telephone conference call.

The Body

Posture, gestures, facial expressions and body language affect how others perceive you.  Learn how to create a powerful physical presence.

The Voice

We all have speech and vocal habits. For some people we speak too fast.  For others we mumble.   By taking a look at how we present ourselves vocally we can start to understand how we can  create a vocal presence for ourself that is confident and powerful.

The Mind

Learn how to effectively inspire and motivate your employees or co-workers.   By changing our state of mind we can enable ourselves to achieve greater success.    Empower yourself with the tools to become a positive motivator in the workplace.

The Speech

Delivering a powerful presentation is a skill.  By focusing on pace, clarity, projection and emphasis you have the ability to actively engage with your audience and captivate their attention.   The ability to speak on your feet is equally important.  Learn how to feel confident speaking with a prepared speech.

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