Accent Modification


Accent modification is enhancing your own spoken voice for clarity.  Foreign accent speakers,  where English is a second language, or even regional accents of English spoken countries may need to modify their own accent.  Our cultural identity defines who we are are.  When we modify our accent we want to stay true to who we are but enhance our voice so that we can be understood.

Accent modification can be beneficial for the business world, foreign exchange students or even actors looking to refine their own regional accents.  Accent modification helps with pronunciation , clarity, articulation, intonation and rhythm.

First, I will assess your accent and talk about your goals. We will put together a plan and you will be given exercises to put into a daily practice. As it is a personalised process results will vary from person to person. Each person works differently but the key is practice. It is important to set realistic goals and take the time to practice daily. It will not happen overnight. Accent modification is about building your awareness and modifying your speech habits one step at a time.

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