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FREE American accent training

Tuesday, 21st of July at 9:30am and 7pm (AEST).

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How To Master the American Accent

So You Can Book U.S. Roles

Join me as I take you through:

  • What’s wrong with your accent, why you’re not booking the role & what to do instead
  • My 3 best exercises to get you sounding more American right away
  • How to develop authentic American characters
  • How to FINALLY master the American accent with my 7 step process

ps I’ll be taking volunteers for these training sessions so if you’d like to work with me and get accent feedback make sure to let me know when you register. I’m only taking a few volunteers so make sure to register early. 

Tuesday, 21st July at 9:30am (Sydney time).

Sign up for the 9:30am session right here. (AEST)  LIMITED SPACES 


Tuesday, 21st July at 7:00pm (Sydney time).

Sign up for the 7:00pm session right here. (AEST)  LIMITED SPACES 

Space is limited so make sure to reserve your seat now.