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Let the images be the conductor of your words

by Katherine Beck in Katherine's blog

What does it mean to let the images be the conductor of your words? Well, have you ever performed where you felt like you were in control of how you moved, what you said, what you thought? Every detail had been perfectly planned and structured? While it’s essential to do your ‘homework’ on your character and your text it’s also essential to be able to set all that wok free. To live in the moment and let the words travel however they want to go.

One of the things that’s been transformational for me is imagery. Imagery can be a powerful tool. When you connect the words to a personal image you attach an emotional connection. You imprint an emotional response from something that has had an impact on you in the past. For example, let’s say in your scene, you are talking about a time where you could feel the wind blowing against the trees. Do you remember a time where you were in nature and could feel the wind blowing in the trees? How did this feeling make you feel? Can you use this image to connect to the feelings of your character in that specific moment?

Go through your scene and see how many personal images you can imprint. Now run through your scene and see if you can allow those images to pass by as you perform. There’s no need to do anything. Just let them pay you a visit. How has this changed your performance? Do you feel like the text or your accent has been set free?

Letting the images be the conductor of your words will give you the freedom to enjoy the performance. And that’s ultimately what we want, isn’t it? Give it a try.

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