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One-on-one coaching

Get personalised coaching to suit your needs

Personalised one-on-one coaching sessions are available on-line and in Sydney. 

Whether you’re getting ready for an audition, heading to LA for pilot season or you’re preparing for a role, private sessions can be tailored to suit your needs.

Sessions may include the following:

  • Foundations of the American accent
  • Phonetics
  • Audition/callback preparation
  • Self-test auditions
  • Preparation for an American role
  • Showreel scenes
  • Accent refresher (when it’s been a while…)
  • Voice prep (customising a daily voice warmup)
  • LA prep (all the tips and tools to get you ready for Hollywood)
  • American scene analysis
  • Creating characters for animation voiceover
  • Accent coaching for the voiceover artist

Audition prep

I am available to record your dialogue as well as send you audio notes to help you prep for your audition.  I will mark up your sides with information on pronunciation, intonation, rhythm, stress and keywords.

Audition feedback

You can send me your audition scene to receive personalised feedback before you submit to your agent so you can feel confident sending your best work.

Self tests (Sydney only)

I offer self test coaching as you shoot your audition scene(s). One of the benefits of working with an authentic American accent coach is that I’ll be your reader.  Self-tests can be sent directly to you and your agent/management representation.

Accents I am available to teach: General American, Mid-Atlantic, New York (Brooklyn, Bronx), Midwestern(Chicago), West Coast (California), Southern (Georgia, Deep South, Texas), Mexican-American, Nuyorican, South American and Puerto Rican.

To book a complimentary call or a session please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

For more information please fill out the contact form. 

“Katherine has not only given me all the tools I need to further my acting career in the U.S. but has also given me the confidence I need and renewed my passion for the arts.

Since starting my training with Katherine I have audition & tested for lots more American roles at a high level & I now feel positively about the longevity of my career.

Katherine is the ideal teacher in that she is both professional, passionate & fun to learn with.”

Charlotte Best (Tidelands, An American In Texas, A Name Without A Place)

Complimentary Call

Want to discuss private coaching or my online program options? Book a complimentary 15 minute online call with me here.

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Private Coaching session

Book a 60 minute online private coaching session  with Katherine Beck. Sessions can be used for audition preparation, refresh your American accent training or get started on the foundations of the American accent.

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Pack of 8 sessions

Book a pack of 8 online private coaching sessions  with Katherine Beck. Sessions can be used for audition preparation, refresh your American accent training or get started on the foundations of the American accent.

Book 8 sessions
Pack of sessions + Lifetime Access to AAF American Accent Accelerator

Ready to accelerate your American Accent with the highest level of training? Book a pack of 4 private sessions and receive Lifetime Access to my #1 online American accent program. With AAF you will receive all the videos and guides that compliment our sessions together so you will always have my teachings to refer to between our sessions and for future use.

Login 24/7, Lifetime Access, Journey from learning the accent to developing authentic American characters to performing freely with the American accent.

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