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Pandemic Predictions for the Actor

by Katherine Beck in American accent tips

We’ve been home for many days now. Some of us still battling on with our online acting classes, accent classes, workouts, etc.

And I’m sure you’re like me…wondering when this is going to be over and what will the industry look like when it is over.

I think it’s ultimately hard to predict exactly what will be but I do have some ideas and I’d be curious if you agree or disagree.

Firstly, if you haven’t been working on your Acting ‘at home’ skills now is a good time! Sign up for an online LIVE class, get your self taping equipment in order and start practicing those self taping skills.

Secondly, if you need to work on your American accent I highly recommend taking advantage of this ‘stay at home’ time to focus on what’s been holding you back from performing authentically with an American accent.

Lastly, start filming! Get your work out there to Industry Professionals (such as Casting Directors) who have a little more time than usual to look at your work and meet with you online for a quick chat. Maybe you can even make a short film from home?

My Predictions 

Now this is probably a little bold to predict what’s going to happen to our Industry but I’m going to share my thoughts anyway.

Animated Film & TV Series

I predict a boost in Animated movies and TV series. Voice Over talent has been sent home to work. We have built our home studios and for the first time animated voiceover is being recorded in a home studio. Animators can work digitally from home….and we all need some new films and shows to keep us entertained. Therefore….I predict this is one area where will see more work happening.

Small budget productions

Again, another bold prediction from me but I think low budget films, short films and small cast films will be some of the first productions we see. Think of some of the films you’ve watched with a very limited cast. For example Castaway is primarily Tom Hanks or the movie, Room with Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay. Movies may lean towards smaller casts and smaller budgets initially until we can ease the social distancing restrictions.

Productions moving away from Hollywood

Hollywood stands to lose a lot of $$ as the industry remains at a stand still. Doors may not re-open for many….others may consider moving productions or starting new productions overseas. Australia & New Zealand could see more productions coming their way as the Dollar is low and Covid-19 numbers are low. This means more work for local talent hire. The sets will work a lot differently, the crew numbers may be a lot smaller but there could be the possibility to start production in some countries sooner than later.

So that leaves me wondering….could Australia’s Gold Coast be the new Hollywood? It’s already been the home to many Hollywood movie productions. We’ll just have to wait and see….

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