Thanks to Chicago-born dialect coach Beck, the ensemble’s accents are reliable; a relief, since this so rarely proves the case.

Australian Stage


“Katherine Beck has been an incredible help to my American accent and helping me to find my voice in the American dialect. She makes the work fun and understandable and is patient and clear when talking about the variations within the accent. I feel more confident and comfortable when talking and working in the accent than I have ever felt. I am very grateful to her and will continue to work in all aspects of the American accent with her.”

William Moseley (The Royals, Chronicles of Narnia)




“After my first daunting trip to Hollywood and the instructions to ‘use 4 months and come back for pilot season with best possible US accent you can master’, I felt incredibly privileged to have met Katherine.  Unlike trying other coaches and coming out feeling more confused then when I entered, Kath’s clear, easy to understand, step by step learning structure has me leaving each lesson feeling like I improved again, and again.  I now understand the American accent, feel confident speaking the accent and have been taught effective strategies to break down scripts in a pushed time frame and can therefore deliver the best possible performance.”

Alexandra Park (The Royals, Home & Away)




“I can’t recommend Katherine highly enough to anyone trying to perfect an authentic American accent. Her instincts, guidance and practical steps are spot on to really helping you grow and achieve exactly what you want and need to. She coached me a lot recently when I was doing a lead role in a US TV movie. The detail and gems she gave me helped not only my accent to sound completely authentic but also helped my performance. It really helped me meld the character as a part of me; that is to say speaking in my own voice but sounding American. The accent has a rhythm and an authenticity that should sound like its coming from a real human being and she knows how to get you there.

Rick Cosnett (The FlashQuanticoThe Vampire Diaries, Castle, Skybound , Happily Never After)




“Katherine Beck was an amazing help preparing me for LA, helping me gain confidence in my voice and building the phonetic strength necessary for the GenAm Dialect.”

Sean Keenan (Puberty Blues)

“Katherine has not only given me all the tools I need to further my acting career in the U.S. but has also given me the confidence I need and renewed my passion for the arts.
Since starting my training with Katherine I have audition & tested for lots more American roles at a high level & I now feel positively about the longevity of my career.
Katherine is the ideal teacher in that she is both professional, passionate & fun to learn with.”
Charlotte Best (Puberty Blues)

“Katherine is an amazing, energetic voice coach who really helped me understand and wrap my head around the American accent/dialect. She really tailors the session to the individual. Her step by step process of breaking it down really helped me to get a good understanding so I am able to break the scripts down on my own and left me feeling confident rather than confused. For a task that can be challenging requiring a lot of focus, Katherine was able to make it fun getting the most out of my sessions.”

Bec Hewitt (Home & Away)

“Katherine was the missing piece of the puzzle for my career.  Like many actors; I always thought i was on track with my American accent but it wasn’t until I started working with Katherine that I really started to understand it and realised how much I was generalising and neglecting the authentic sounds of the accent.
A session with Katherine was always well worth my time and money, i would leave having worked as hard as I could every moment we were together. She made it comfortable, challenging yet rewarding every lesson. Katherine’s attention to detail and specificity helped make my American accent feel like my own. Katherine worked with me and prepared me to play the role of ‘Charity Hope Valentine’ in the prestigious ‘sweet charity’ not only did she perfect my NY accent but working with her on it helped develop, create and find the character itself.”

Samantha Leigh Dodemide (Sweet Charity, Anything Goes)

“Katherine has a great ear, and a great knowledge of American regional accents.  Theatrical, concise, fast and focussed Katherine works marvels with the willing, and convinces the unwilling as well.   She is invaluable with the ‘foundation’ and also provides the ‘icing on the cake’.”

Stuart Maunder, Director


“Katherine’s professionalism and her clarity with my actors was first class. I would not hesitate to hire her again”

John Le, Director of The Scrying.

“Katherine is very good at what she does. I recently worked on two films/TV requiring American accents. With her guidance, deft ear for tone and strong grasp of the American vernacular, we managed to pull it all apart and put it back together with pleasing results!”

Andy Rodoreda (Black Water, The Tunnel)

“What I love about Katherine’s teaching, is that she is so specific!  So many voice coaches accept ‘close enough’.  However Hollywood doesn’t accept anything less than a flawless accent which is why I chose Katherine to train me before I made the move to Los Angeles.  After being coached by Katherine I have been told repeatedly by casting directors, directors, producers and all locals here that my accent is flawless.  I can now confidently say ‘YES’ wiith confidence to anyone in the industry who asks if I have a flawless accent.  Thank you Katherine for helping me reach my goal and never giving up on me.”

Karli-Rae Grogan, Actress

“I can not speak highly enough of Katherine Beck’s dialect coaching ability.  Having worked with other coaches in the past, I can say what sets her apart is her knowledge of the”physicality” of both her native U.S. accent and her adopted home’s Australian accent.

Previously I have struggled with getting my mouth and brain around the U.S. accent.  Katherine’s “ear” can tell you exactly why you’re missing the mark and how to physically correct it.

I can not recommend her highly enough, if you are looking to learn an authentic American accent.”

Lofty Fulton, Voiceover Artist




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